Project Managment



The management and staff of the WINDS INTERNATIONAL bring to our clients hands on experience, a broad base of information, far reaching trade experience and a willingness to do "whatever it takes" to help guide our clients from the inception to the completion of their projects.

The approach a WINDS INTERNATIONAL Project Manager takes to a particular project is unique in the field. Because we utilize a "single source-team concept" the client does not just engage an individual, the client retains one of our managers who is able to work with confidence knowing that he/she is supported by a group of WINDS INTERNATIONAL professionals possessing a depth of knowledge in every aspect of corporate and institutional design, construction, furnishing and flooring. The support of this team enables the WINDS INTERNATIONAL Project Manager the ability to offer a "turnkey" approach to most projects and when necessary, isolate any single parameter of a project and offer professional assistance leading to the successful completion of that aspect of a project.