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Architecture & Design


At WINDS INTERNATIONAL we strongly believe that the environment in which people work directly impacts their actions, attitudes and productivity. We believe that designing should infuse comfort while maintaining and enhancing productivity. The importance placed on a specific space reflecting a corporate image or culture cannot and should not be minimized.

The teams of architects, project managers, designers and space planners that are members of the WINDS INTERNATIONAL network and available to work with prospective WINDS INTERNATIONAL clients understand this and will work with a client to help ensure that the finished project does not just meet but exceeds the client's expectations. To provide that comfort factor most prospective customers need, WINDS INTERNATIONAL schedules no cost-no obligation consultations to give the client a chance to interview a number of architects or designers before making a commitment. This will help the client get a diverse interpretation of their needs and a variety of interpretations of the space. If the prospective client already has a designer or architect with whom they are working, WINDS INTERNATIONAL will work with them to provide other services such as construction, flooring or furnishing and still provide experience and expertise.

At WINDS INTERNATIONAL we strongly believe that collaborating with a client in the transformation of a new space into a vibrant and cost efficient work environment is our primary goal!