What We Do

Residential Design

It follows that designing your home is a very personal act and choosing the right architect to assist you in that process is incredibly important. Naturally the architect needs to be qualified to do the job but they also needs to be able to understand you as a person. They need to be a good listener and know to ask the right questions. They need to respect the reality that you know how you live your life but also be willing to challenge you to imagine ways you could live your life better. Read more...


Office Design

We share our clients' commitment to the preservation of our natural resources. Our designs balance human needs, economic imperatives and environmental stewardship. We believe that strategic design solutions which enhance wellbeing not only create value in the workplace, but help to attract the best talent and keep your existing workforce healthy and engaged. Winds team delivers creative interior design solutions from Small to Extra Large Enterprises office interior Read more...


Commercial Design

The scope of services provided by Winds Architect & Interior Design is wide in range and depth. These vary between relatively small and simple structures to projects of the greatest size and complexity. The range of types of projects undertaken includes academic, research, performing arts, sports and recreation, library, exhibition, healthcare and residential uses.Clients' needs and aspirations are the foundation for the services we provide. Read more...


What We Supply

office Furniture / Chairs

WINDS INTERNATIONAL is a Turn key, single source provider of major office furniture, modular furniture, flooring and conference room furniture. Taking into account your taste and themes, we carefully suggest our product to suit your individual needs. We purchase top quality material and show as much details and care to every item no matter how large or small.After an initial design consultation, WINDS will produce Computer Aided Design of Furniture and Catalogue as part of total design and manufacturing package. This will give you satisfaction and help us to ensure that the product will be customized according to your requirement. In many cases we can provide furniture and systems at great cost savings when the project is budget sensitive. . Read more...


IT / office Equipment

"At Winds International Trading Co., your timetable is our timetable. Your priorities are our priorities. Your opportunities are our op-portunities."

Wind International Trading Co. and the art of systems integration, Systems integration can be broadly defend as the bringing together of disparate subsystems and enabling them to function as a single, seamless entity. As the world grows ever more reliant on diverse technology to deliver services and as customers’ expectations increase accordingly, systems integration ceases to be a luxury and becomes a necessity. Welcome to a company that can meet your integration challenges with an unflinching resolve and unparalleled. Read more...


Security Integrated Solutions

Our moto "Reducing Costs , Increasing Security"

Wind International Trading Co. offer various Security Integrated Solutions for your building, property or office. Be it stand-alone or a fully integrated system, we have the answer. From a single door to a large-scale complex, we can provide the most up to date and cost effective Security Integrated solutions. Advanced point & click interfacing makes controlling your system only a mouse click away. Organizations choose Winds International Trading Co.’s systems because We deploy proven and tested solutions that work. We build tools and solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency without compromise to performance or security.​ . Read more...


Our Process

  • 7 Steps Process
  • Transparent Working
  • Theme Capabilities
  • One Stop Solution

As a result of the amalgamation of the 7 channelized stepwise processes we have succeeded to establish an unmatchable reputation in the business of architectural and interior designing. Those steps are listed down below :-

  • DECIDING THE SCOPE OF PROJECT - Winds Architectural and Interior basically deals in ultra-luxury architectural and interior designing and thus our initial step focuses on determining how luxurious do you want your interiors to appear. We are much ahead of times and definitely you can expect heightened scope from us.

  • RESEARCH DESIGN OPTIONS – We carry out high end research work consistently to come up with the out of the box design ideas. Through years of experience, we have gained expertise in creating stand- alone architectural and interior design options for our clients. This step proves to be amazingly beneficial for the clients as their entire project gets imbibed with uniqueness.

  • GENERATE MASTER DESIGN PLAN - Winds elaborately works on the master design plan. The procedure begins with the crafting of accurate layout plan and is followed by deciding the wall designs separately. The furniture is discussed and finalized as per the desire of the client. At the end of the procedure, a 3D view of the entire design is presented to the client in order to help them visualize what exactly the complete interiors will look like.

  • DISCUSS ESTIMATES OF DESIGNING COST & MODIFY DESIGN AS PER BUDGET - Winds Architectural and Interior believes in extensively transparent working and there no hidden charges in the budget. After the final presentation of the 3D designing, our financial experts thoroughly chart out the expenditures to be made throughout the designing project and hold proper meetings for your consent. If needed, we modify the design in accordance with your budget and thereby free you from the unnecessary financial worries.

  • SELECT ALL OF THE FINISHES - We deliberately keep your priorities as our prime concern and therefore we discuss each and every finishing to be done for flooring, walls, etc with you before the initiation of the designing process. To present you with something which you would love to flaunt is our aim and we efficiently work for it.

  • START THE DESIGNING – After taking all the required permits from you, we begin working dedicatedly to bring the design alive and to achieve the best results for you. Winds Architectural and Interior intends to maintain its most important element of luxury throughout the designing.

  • COMPLETION OF THE PROJECT – We employ proper supervision for every aspect of the project and regularly monitor the output. We coordinate properly with you and keep every design related demand of yours in constant consideration. Our completed projects hold assurance to bring smile across your faces once they are handed over to you.

 We have a very professional and transparent system of working. All designs are approved by the client beforehand, and there are no hidden costs. During the entire work process client is kept in the loop, with proper presentations and explanation. Our presentation style involves 3 D & 2 D visualizations, which gives the exact idea, of the final look of the room.

All expenses are discussed beforehand. Unlike other firms we do not quote higher prices on sourced materials. We try and keep within the budget assigned to us, and all our clients are given equal importance.

If you are considering having a theme for your restaurant, office, or kid's room, Winds Architectural and Design Services is your ultimate stop shop. All over the world, having a theme for your restaurant or commercial establishment is becoming more and more popular, and Pakistan is no different. Other countries have some bizarre themes, like the Toilet themed restaurant in Taipei or Dinner in the Sky restaurant of Belgium. Pakistanis might not be as adventuress in accepting wild themes as our foreign counterparts, but most people are bored of the mundane, and want to have a different experience in interior designing.

We specialize in designing theme restaurants of international standards. Our restaurant themes will inspire and amaze you, and are bound to increase your business manifold. Theme designing by Winds Architectural and Design Services has won many accolades, as well as design awards. Our restaurant themes include Jungle theme, Village theme, Hard Rock Cafe, Pirates theme, etc.

We create amazing theme rooms for children. These themes include Barbie theme, Disney theme, and themes on other popular animation characters, and movies.


To integrate all the interior design related services and to present them in the most impressing way is the most exotic feature of Winds architectural and Interior Design Services

We are the experts in luxury architectural and interior designing and exhibit equally outstanding and ultra-luxurious work in

  • » Residential / Commercial Architectural Design
  • » Home Interiors
  • » Office Interiors
  • » Restaurant Interiors
  • » Showroom Interiors
  • » Hotel Interiors
  • » Play School, Institutes , Colleges, etc.

We can get materials sourced from any part of Pakistan or around the globe available for you and can provide you the best designed plan layout, 3D design, etc. We have adept professionals on board with us who can provide you solutions for each and every aspect of designing and at the most economical rates.

WINDS is the only destination on which you can rely to receive one step solution when it comes to the case of luxury interior designing.


Being the most tech savvy interior designers in the industry, we can design a tech powered place for you. Winds architectural and Interior Design Services has the unique advantage of being one of the Pakistan's premier technology consulting firm specializing in designer technology infrastructure. We have the top luxury architectural / interior designers in Pakistan, who will design your place with a seamless blend of technology and luxury. No wires hanging, no extra cables or cords, everything will be hidden. You will just see the beauty of it. Every place, room, office that we design is technologically empowered.

We offer various techno powered design elements. 

  • Office & Home automation systems : When Winds architectural and Interior Design Services a place, they incorporate home automations system or at least design your place, so that it can be installed even at a later stage, for the ultimate luxury experience.
  • Mood & Theme lightings : Wouldn't you love it, if the room automatically lightens up when you enter, or the lightings change according to your mood and time of the day. Winds International Group can design your dream place, embedded with these wonderful features.
  • Integrated digital security systems : Now-a-days when security is a major concern, Winds architectural and Interior Design Services your place, so as it is luxurious and safe as well, through installing integrated digital security systems at your place like hi-tech alarms, retina scan or fingerprint scan.
  • Integrated digital surveillance solutions : You should be aware of who comes and goes out of your place. FDS group provides you with the ultimate integrated digital surveillance solutions like network video recording, specialty cameras or video analytics.
  • Integrated blockage free Wi-Fi solutions : Wi-Fi blockage is a major problem that the corporate world is facing. WINDS makes it easy for you, with its integrated blockage free Wi-Fi solutions.
  • Smart Conference rooms : Winds International Group can design an amazing conference room equipped with Video Conferencing, Projection Systems, Smart Boards, Tablets, and Room Automation etc.
  • Professional Home Theatres : Winds International Group can design an amazing conference room equipped with Video Conferencing, Projection Systems, Smart Boards, Tablets, and Room Automation etc.
  • Command Centers : Winds International Group can even design a command centre at your place which will help you monitor the environment and be ready to act quickly and decisively to a threat, to that environment.
  • Integrated Technology Designs : WINDS can design your place that is laced with luxury and is technologically empowered, not only one but many different technologies through our integrated technology designs.


Imported Designer Furniture & Decor 

Gone are the days when accessibility to high end materials from across the world was a major constraint when it came to aesthetic designing. Winds International Group prides in breaking all geographical barriers to make the cream of everything round the globe enter your space.

WINDS' well-travelled couture of premium interior products and au courant accessories make it the best interior designing company in Pakistan and abroad. Our meticulous explorations to acquire unique objects d'art from every corner of the world enable us to make your space look stimulating.

Be it wooden hut gazebos from Indonesia, rococo furniture from France, gold plated chandeliers from Syria, fossil table from Morocco or Swarovski crystal mantel clock from Italy, you name it, we bring it! When it comes to designing your place with meticulous mélange of international pieces, WINDS loves to make the world a small place.

Whether it's your home, workplace, restaurant or hotel, we at Winds Architectural and Interior Designs offer a frolicking array of overseas materials through our strategic international sourcing. So next time when you think of a pair of cotton duck upholstered ottomans in your living room or a Noguchi table in your office reception, think of us!

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